A platinum Artist, he is also driven by a mission to unite the world’s diverse religions and races. His desire to serve as an agent of change led in the creation of his foundation, “World Peace for Life”. This foundation provides the basic necessities of food, clothing and education to children in war-ravaged countries, including Afghanistan, Israel, Mexico and Pakistan.

In his role as an Ambassador of International Diplomacy for the Inter global Trade Group, he has contributed to the promotion of global trade and development in Afghanistan and other developing countries.

Despite his passion for entertainment, night live events, fashion & designing clothing, and his many contributions to Hollywood, Prince Ali has been an advocate of Peace who singularly organized unparalleled events to combine his unique artistic abilities with his enduring passion for peace and unity. The Foundation creates and supports programs and initiatives that aim to bring an end to the divisive and destructive attitudes Prince Ali – World Peace For Life – Afghanistan 2018 Prince Ali – World Peace For Life – Copyright © 2018 – All Rights Reserved and practices of our past, in favor of freedom, equality, justice, universal education, sustainable development, ecology, prosperity, accountability and peace, through the mechanism of Good, Fair, and Honest Business.